instacount EMERGENCY

Offline Documentation in Case of Emergency

instacount.EMERGENCY – the life preserver if the worse comes to the worst.


Server failure in the reprocessing unit for medical devices? Batch documentation with pen and paper?
Packing based on paper lists, with everything having to be manually typed into the IMS and archived afterwards? The thought alone causes you beads of sweat?

Thanks to instacount.EMERGENCY, these activities are things of the past!

instacount.EMERGENCY is an entirely locally installed, autonomous model and does not need any network. You can document the entire reprocessing process in digital form without having to interrupt the work process. After the systems have been is restored, the locally generated production data is automatically synchronized with the existing instacount database while a consistent hygiene passport is created.

In doing so, the program depicts the workflow from instacount in a greatly simplified form. This covers any major process stages of the sterile goods reprocessing that have to be mandatorily documented as per Robert Koch Institute recommendation, cleansing and disinfection, packing and sterilization.