Increasing reliability of supply

This aim motivates us on our quest for ever-improving solutions.
This is precisely the target focused by our new case carts management solution, but also achieves even a good deal more:

  • optimized stock management
  • transparent consumptions
  • stock level reduction

The case cart management comprises all sterile OR consumables and the surgical instruments.

The connection allows for an automated priority control in relation to the planned cases with minimum and maximum stocks. An interface to the case cart warehouse is used to trigger a purchase requisition and to customize the priority control in the reprocessing in the CSSD, if need be. An upgrade to the entire range of medical devices for case carts or OR material logistics to ensure a holistic supply with the planned material standards per case type is possible as well. The case cart contains sets and consumables which are compiled on a case-by-case basis and delivered in front of the OR just in time.