Our solution in detail

CSSD Processes

The reprocessing of medical devices is becoming more complex and complicated every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a colleague by your side who makes life easier for you? That is precisely our requirement to instacount in the field of CSSD processes! Assisting you in implementing your reprocessing process every day in the most optimal way possible.

  • safety standards by plausibility checks at all levels
  • process reliability by automated display of packing, care and reprocessing instructions incl. online interface
  • tracking and status queries for individual goods
  • digital complaint management between OR and CSSD without time delay and with activity tracking
  • emergency management with complete hygiene passport and synchronization
  • intelligent master data cleansing
  • documentation of manual actions in the dirty area

Instrument Management

instacount’s systematic and efficient instrument management promotes transparency in your instrument stocks and facilitates both planning and economic coordination.

  • integration of lean repair and ordering processes, such as kanban or the integration of vertical storage systems
  • paperless processing of repair and purchase orders including direct interface
  • storing of maintenance intervals and checklists as per SRC test under section 11 MPBetreibV

Cost Management

Following implementation, instacount ensures the precise allocation of costs to the individual ultimate consumers taking into account all cost factors (reprocessing, consumables, priorities). Whichever billing model you have chosen in your CSSD.

  • assignment of sterile goods to transport carts/containers via barcode
  • integration of flexible cost hierarchies to enable cause-based billing
  • particularly fast and flexible evaluation options
  • key metrics and overviews immediately available
  • up-to-date and comfortable retrieval of data to comprehend coherencies more quickly
  • export into different data formats at the touch of a button

OR integration

Complete the cycle of sterile goods beyond the CSSD limits.

By networking on your HIS, any obstacles to intelligent prioritization and needs-based reprocessing will be removed. Both time-consuming phone calls and faxes between OR and CSSD and paper-based stock and order lists are things of the past.

instacount supports the needs-based supply of the OR area with sterile goods (esp. OR sets). A configurable OR set order system automatically generates optimized work plans for the CSSD employees based on the current OR program from the HIS and stored minimum stock quantities. Expectable bottlenecks are displayed in the OR plan and allow for reasonable rescheduling.

A connection to the OR system provides instacount with all relevant information to reflect the current reprocessing conditions of the sterile goods (by tracking in the general sense) to the current OR planning, thus updating the priorities for reprocessing.

  • integrated case cart management
  • requirement and prioritization of sterile goods
  • targeted search right up to the instrument level

Sterile goods logistics

Staff is a scarce and valuable resource in this day and age. All the more critical when your staff spends valuable time searching for sterile goods. Thanks to instacount, searching is a thing of the past.

  • localization at the touch of a button
  • flexible checkpoints throughout the cycle of sterile goods
  • status query for individual goods